Breakfast with Engineers

Two civil engineers I highly regard and have known for years, they have given me valuable assistance and advice when I encounter those sometimes mysterious engineering concepts.

Picture was taken at a local Cracker Barrel Old Country Store in the Lansing, Michigan, area and thanks to Photoshop Elements I replaced the wall pictures. Grand Ledge Michigan historic water tower is the picture at the far left. Next picture is a drone photo of the Charlotte/Centerline Bridge in the Calhoun County Historic Bridge Park.  Picture above Hatfield is from 2006, testing the gin pole that Hatfield designed for the erection of the Charlotte/Centerline Bridge (one of Hatfield’s many engineering contributions to the preservation of the historic bridges in the Historic Bridge Park). Above Kruth is a picture of a riveted connection on the historic railroad bridge near Lansing Community Campus main campus. Kruth has designed riveted connections, and his knowledge of riveted connections is of great value to the preservation community (and would make an informative presentation for an Iron & Steel Preservation WebEx session).

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