Postcard Collection

Postmark c1910

De Beque Colorado CO

Postmark Sept 3, 1909

Mr. Ralph Kenyon
Grand Gorge
Del Co New York

Postmark Sept 4, 1912

Misses Blanche & Zelda Heslip

Blanche 1879-1967 Zelda 1877-1974 correct spelling is Heslep sisters

Postmark Aug 9, 1909

Mr. H.C. Moulthrop
Bay City Bank
Bay City Michigan

Postmark May 5, 1909

Miss. Helen Ayres
226 ½ N. Grand Ave. (R78.51)
Los Angeles, Calif (San Fernando, Cal.)

Postmark Oct 18, 1909

Dr. Geo. B. Harris
998 Fourteenth Ave
Detroit, Michigan

Postmark Oct 24, 1907

Elizabeth ? Stevens
200 Church St
Newton, Mass

Postmark Sept 9, 1913

Mr. Mrs. Lewis Suchy
St Ansgar Iowa
Suchy ancestors in Ansgar are Czech
Language on card Czech (Bohemia)

Postmark Nov 17, 1907

Mrs. Stella Buehler
Laingsburg, Michigan R.F.D. No. 1

Postmark Dec 22, 1908?

Miss. Else Riggle
522 8th Avenue
Williamsport Penna (Pennsylvania)

Postmark Dec 13, 1935

Mr. Arthur Sanderson
Ulster Co, New York

Postmark June 23, 1946

Save these for me will ya. Kayo

Postmark May 5, 1911

Mr. Fred Norman
36 Clay Street
Battle Creek, Michigan

Postmark Aug 11, 1913

Mr. L.H. Murray
207 Preston Street
Detroit, Michigan

Postmark July 6, 1911

Mrs. J.E. Shelley
3712 North Mullen
Tacoma, Washington

Postmark Oct 5, 1912

Mrs. Emma Priest
New York R.F.D. #7
(R.F.D. Rural Free Delivery)

Postmark July 30, 1907

Frank Tripp
Box 580, Pittsburgh
Rochester Washington

Postmark Aug 22, 1939

Wendall Johnson
416 Robert Ave
Rockford. Ill

Postmark Mar 1

Mr. G. L. Arnold
Garland. Md

Postmark July 14, 1910

Mrs. C. R. Goodell
408 W. James St
Sancaster, PA

Postmark Sept 5, 1915

Dr S. L. Oury
2609 E. Jefferson
Detroit, Michigan

Postmark July 26, 1913

Mrs. Dan Black
Address None
?, Michigan

Postmark Aug 20, 1909

Miss Dorothea Neal
427 Denmead Ave
Columbus, Ohio

Postmark May 4, 1912

Mrs. Hattie Sturgis
Ravenswood Ave
Port Huron, Michigan

Postmark 1909

Miss Genevieve Claypoole
408 Grant Street
Franklin, Pennsylvania
(written by Harry K to his future sister-in-law)

Postmark April 29, 1913

Mrs. M. Middlesworth
1619 Broadway
Toledo, Ohio

Postmark Sept 24, 1910

E. M. Middlesworth
566 Orchard
Toledo, Ohio

Postmark ?

Mr. & Mrs. Willis Cason
Address None
Lone Rock, Oregon

Postmark June 2, 1906

Street Address
City, State

Postmark Feb 23, 1909

Karl Volz
74 Clismet Ave, (Maybe Calumet)
Fort Wayne, Indiana

Postmark Aug 31, 1909

Mrs. George Gundrum
Street Address
Bay View, Michigan

Postmark Dec 10, 1910

Mrs. H. F. Nelson
R.R.1, Box 41
McBride, Michigan

Postmark Feb 1, 1934

Johnie Clark,
New Ross, Indiana,
Montgomery County

Mildred & Arthur
Be home soon at this bridge is where we brought Brian. Dad

Postmark Feb 14 1917

Johnie Clark
New Ross, Indiana
Montgomery County

Mildred & Arthur
Be home soon at this bridge is where we brought Brian. Dad

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Postmark June 30, 1919

Mrs. Halsey Trenchard
91 Hudson Street
Fairfield Park Norwalk, Connecticut

Postmark June 29, 1909

Mr. L. P. Tubbs
RD #2
Vermontville, Michigan

The writer is Nellie (I think this is her info):

Notice the related name in the findagrave site! Levi Platt Tubbs