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Historic Bridge Articles By Other Authors


Documents are offered in PDF format unless otherwise specified.

Article Description
Murray Bridge: An Orphaned Span Adopted in Goshen, Indiana. By James L. Cooper This article explores the history of a historic metal truss bridge that was relocated long ago.
Potawatomi Park’s Enduring Monument by James L. Cooper This outstanding article details the history of a unique bowstring truss bridge and its relocation and preservation for pedestrian use.
Researching Historic Metal Structures: Unlocking the Treasure of Free Online Digitized Texts By Nathan Holth This article discusses and has examples of interesting information about historic metal structures that can be found thanks to modern digitization of historical articles and texts.
The Making of “Iron Bridge” Road in Pike County, Indiana: William T. Washer, the Smith Bridge Company, and Bridge #150 by James L. Cooper This article uncovers the mystery of who built a very unusual cast and wrought iron bowstring truss bridge in Indiana.


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